Hình Ảnh

Monthly Feed For The Less Fortunate 2023

Every third Sunday of every month, VCSA's member gather together to make food for those who are struggling with their daily needs.

Audition 2023

Through "Audition Event", VSCA want to find out new talented people, who will participant in "Huong Ca Hoc Tro"

Picnic 2023

VCSA hosts a joyful event for everyone to gather together to play games and sports-volleyball; and have chance to meet new friends.

Thanksgiving Feast 2023

VCSA will be celebrating our annual Thanksgiving Feast, in which we'll prepare delicious food, exciting entertainment, and meaningful gifts to the less fortunate people

Nursing Home 2023

This meaningful event will be a great opportunity for us to spread our love and support to those lonely elders at Nursing Home

Thánh Lễ Bổn Mạng & Tết Nguyên Đán 2024

VCSA will host the first event of the year - Lễ Bổn Mạng! This event will include Vigil Mass and excellent entertainment programs coming with lotto, lion dance, photo booth, lucky money, and delicious food

Winter Retreat 2024

It’s time for VCSA to be back with our annual Winter Retreat event: a great time to refresh, reinforce, and reflect upon yourself

Camping 2023

Summer is a great time period to relax after a long term of studying and working, camping not only for relaxing but also a good time for bonding everyone together !

Ash Wednesday 2023

We will gather together in Mass, and spend the night for "Reflection and Discussion" to prepare our spirit for the Lent season

Graduation 2023

In this event, VCSA will share the joy with those who graduate from any school .

Vow Ceremony 2023

In this event, VCSA will introduce the Board of Directors, the advisors, and all of the officers from the 3 schools

Trước Nhiệm Kì 2023-2024